Astromech Vocalizer

The Astromech Vocalizer from Human-Cyborg Relations lets users design their very own astromech with a custom voice and personality. The software is built on the foundation of the R2-D2 vocalizer. It provides deep options to expand beyond the strict canonical rules that govern R2's emotions and speech patterns.

Customize your astromech's vocabulary to create a droid that communicates exclusively in beeps or that never whistles. Adjust the overall pitch to create a soprano droid, a bass droid, or anything in between using an advanced formant-preserving pitch shifting algorithm. Set the rate of speech and drawl to create a frenetic droid or a deliberate droid. Tailor a custom personality that governs how the droid responds vocally and emotionally to stimuli... tendencies that will evolve as the droid learns, grows, and develops a living memory.

Please make a $5 minimum donation to FIRST if you use the app, or $20 minimum if you use the Teensy software. Non-commercial use only.

With thanks to Disney's Lee Towersey and Michael McMaster.
All proceeds support charity.