Gonk Vocalizer

The Gonk Vocalizer is powered by advanced research into the speech production of Gonk droids. Gonks are famous for speaking just one word. Only a handful of variations on that word were originally recorded.

Using individual phonemes from those original recordings, the Gonk Vocalizer synthesizes brand new Gonk vocalizations in realtime. For the first time ever, hear the Gonk express itself with infinite, organic variety. No two "Gonk"s will ever sound the same.

Please make a minimum $5 donation to FIRST® if you use this software. Non-commercial use only.

I carefully extracted the source audio behind the "Chat" vocalization from the sandcrawler scene in Episode IV using a combination of algorithmic isolation techniques and manual spectrograph editing. It is presented here, for the first time ever, in its isolated state.

Gonk Chat original
Gonk Chat isolated
With thanks to Disney's Lee Towersey and Michael McMaster.
All proceeds support charity.